Sodurba Whale Heritage Tour Experience with Amblers Hiking Club

“It’s risky business taking people to an old abattoir or previous place of slaughter, this time in the form of the old Durban whaling station.

This was to be the first in hopefully a whole new series of visits to the former whaling station. Once of huge financial importance to Durban & Norway, now standing derelict & a liability to all.
It’s now our task to revive the importance of the whaling station, to use it as an important city tourist attraction & an education facility to save the whales & our magical coastline.

Once again the whales will add value to our fair city, this time in much more humane fashion.
Our tour focussed mainly of the statistics of whaling over a period of many years touching only briefly on the brutalities. Yes even in death there is humour & most of this macabre humour was directed at the whalers themselves, even though they too were just people earning an important living.

The hikers after enjoying the strong fresh sea breeze and the tales of the ocean voted very positively on every aspect of the tour. Yes the bush needs to cleared before the buildings are devoured. Yes restoration needs to take place to preserve this awesome artefact & create a conference centre. Yes there are plans & money available but we need to get rid of forever the scourge of bee & crony capitalism so our frugal budget can be properly utilised. Finally on the way out we stopped at the big naval guns, now stripped of all surrounding equipment to deliver a talk on the old ways of war. All of this is just tourist money waiting to be earned while we push for these awesome projects just as hard as we can!!! An awesome day of very happy hiking!”

Thank you Amblers Hiking Club.

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