BLUFF Whale Heritage Site

Established by the WCA, Whale Heritage Sites are an initiative aimed at increasing the protection and conservation of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their habitats while also contributing to sustainable livelihoods, the arts, science and education.

Whale Heritage Site (WHS) status is granted to those places around the world where cetaceans are celebrated through art, education, research and cultural events; where sustainable practices and livelihoods are continually improved to ensure the health of cetacean habitats and the long-term economic health of human communities; and where respectful coexistence with cetaceans is supported through law, policy and cooperation.

Whale Heritage Sites are identified against criteria that interweave natural and cultural elements and acknowledge critical places that, for reasons of physical and social geography, are sites where people can coexist with cetaceans in an authentic and respectful way.

BLUFF Whaling Station

The Old Whaling Station, situated at the Bluff Headlands, was the biggest in the World and Sodurba’s vision is to transform this iconic site into a Heritage Landmark and the biggest Tourism Attraction, to showcase not only the Whale Heritage but also our Cultural and Military history. This attraction will form part of Sodurba’s Maritime Heritage Route and will bring together our past, present and future with information on science, conservation, tourism, and the interaction of our local communities around the iconic humpback whale.


view sites

Sodurba has established 3 lookout sites: Finnermore, Netford and Airlie Road.

Finnermore Place you can look down onto the remains of the biggest Whaling Station in the world and if brave enough use the 364 stairs to the “forgotten beach”.

Netford Road offers almost a 180 degree view of the ocean and passing of marine life, it offers the most stunning view of natural sea dunes and a crystal clear rocky shore.

Airlie Road is our hidden little gem which gives you a panoramic view of the KZN Whale Coast™ and overlooking our tidal pool with is accessible from Brighton Beach.