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Environment drives Andre the Nature Guy

ANDRE (the Nature Guy) Steenkamp has educated and exposed the community to the wonders of nature since 2001 and his love for the environment drives him to never stop spreading the word about conservation and education.

The 44-year-old Bluff man spends most of his time in nature, working side by side with environmental organisations and warriors such as WESSA and Sodurba to encourage and engender an interest, especially among the youth, for environmental awareness and conservation.

Bluff Eco Park Trails

The 3km bicycle track starts in the parking lot of the Bluff Eco Park and winds its way through bushes, shrub lands and open areas throughout the 11 hectares of land the park occupies. Discussions are ongoing about allowing walkers or joggers on the track and further developments, including a skate park at a later date.

At a later date, the team at the Bluff Eco Park plans to incorporate educational programmes along the route for local schools.

“We want to help the Bluff’s green belt succeed. This is an environmental area and will remain so,” said Melissa Devos from the Bluff Eco Park.




Bluff Beaches

Brighton Beach and Ansteys Beach on The Bluff is situated between Durban Central and the South of Durban.  The Bluff is renowned for its world famous surf spot “Cave Rock”, unspoilt beaches and tidal pool. There are many rock pools to explore as well as excellent surfing, diving and fishing spots.

Garvies Beach is a nice, long stretch of sand in front of a thick residential area within The Bluff, just south of Durban Central. Garvies is a much admired surfing spot with a strong local support, but due to it’s powerful surf, it’s best left to the more experienced surfers. When Anstey’s Beach is a little too crowded, you can always drive over to Garvies for a more relaxed time in the sun.Dolphins frolic year-round close to shore and whales are often spotted in the winter months. The thick coastal vegetation is home to many monkeys and mongoose.

With protected open spaces and no high rise buildings to spoil the coast line, these beaches maintain an environmental awareness that has prevented this area from becoming another concrete holiday town.

(Source: SAVenues)




Bluff Eco Park

Bluff Eco Park is an 11 hectare natural park that offers a unique ‘Green Living’ experience surrounded by 18 ha of lush sub-tropical bush, situated close to the heart of Durban city. The natural, tranquil and peaceful environment includes over 75 species of birds, banded mongoose, genets, monkeys and even the occasional grey duiker.

Going Green

Be inspired by our ‘green’ approach to life, buildings, technology and become part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Enjoy a warm shower powered by heat pump technology, or just laze around our big swimming pool, take a walk on the nature trail or relax around an open fire and invite other travelers over for a traditional braai.







Bluff National Park Golf Club

In 1978 Mr. Charles Lloyd prompted the concept of a golf course in the valley. Spearheaded by Mr. Lester Schoeman and Mr. Alan Barnard together with a dedicated band of 14 founder members, worked together to formulate a strategy for the golf course. The vision and drive of these people and in particular Mr. Lester Schoeman saw the first sketch plans designed and conceived in 1978 by Alan Barnard for an 18 hole golf course.

The Bluff National Park Golf Course is set in a wetland conservation area in KwaZulu Natal. Birdlife is prolific and you can expect to see numerous species including the Fish Eagle soaring above and plenty of plovers, grey herons and pelicans who drop in to share the water with the resident Cormorants and Geese.

The Bluff National Park Golf Club is an 18-hole Championship golf course. You’ll find the course 10km south of Durban city centre. Reputedly a relatively flat course and a most pleasant walk, it has generous fairways and is a challenging course, especially when the south-west wind blows. There are a number of holes in which water comes into play, especially the difficult 17th, where a long tee shot is required to avoid the water hazard down the left of the fairway. Once down the fairway you’ll have to negotiate the water again.

Facilities at Bluff National Park include a club house, bar, banqueting area and halfway house. Motorised golf carts are available for hire and caddies offer their services at reasonable rates. Visitors are most welcome.

(Source: Bluff Golf)