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Our very own Sodurba APP!

Tourism app to aid tourists in South Durban

1THE Bluff-based SODURBA community tourism organisation (CTO), is going high-tech with a newly developed app to allow visitors and even Durban locals to experience and stay informed about the heritage and tourism routes they can visit in the region.The team responsible for the creation of the app is excited about its launch. The app’s creation was powered by the committee of the Sodurba CTO, along with a local app designer and his colleagues. It focuses on the rich history of the area and the tourist gem that is Durban South.

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“The app aims to give the visitor, whether local or overseas, holidaymaker or businessman, a really good insight to areas that Sodurba encompasses. It will highlight the area’s licensed accommodation establishments including hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast, backpackers and camping sites to restaurants and shopping malls. More importantly the app exposes the user to the forgotten treasures that the Durban South area houses, in the form of its tourism routes. One such tourism route is the whale watching route, explained Sodurba chairman, Helga du Preez.

In partnership with Durban Tourism, Sodurba held a first of its kind Arrival of the Whales Festival in June. The festival happened to coincide with the World Whale Conference which was held in Durban at the same time. Delegates from all over the world flocked to the conference and also attended the Arrival of the Whales Festival at Ansteys Beach.

“From this conference and the unbelievable interest shown by international delegates, Sodurba is now, along with other roleplayers, in the process of proclaiming the old whaling station a national heritage site for the benefit of future generations of Durban South. As progress is made, future plans for the old whaling station will be reported on, so locals should check the Sodurba app and their local newspaper,” added du Preez.


Businesses are invited to download the Sodurba app, which is still being fine tuned. Sodurba members are automatically listed on the app.

APP ADVERT-01The Sodurba CTO team is especially eager to hear from any organisation or local club which is planning to host activities over the festive season, so that these can be published and added to the app, so that visitors to Durban South are made aware of these events.

For more information on the app and Sodurba, contact Melissa Lee on 076-404-7800.

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Multi-Cultural Experience

Multi Cultural Route

We have an array of cultural landmarks and temples spread throughout the south side of Durban. Each one has an unique history and interesting story to tell. Our visitors will be able to visit temples and experience their colourful festivals and exceptional Indian cuisine.

Our route is Multicultural. It explores the different cultural institutions in these areas, including Clairwood Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple, Isipingo Gowshala and Mandir Temple, Isipingo Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple and the Shri Sivan Soobramoniar Alayam.

Clairwood Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple est. 1889. Ever since the Indians migrated to this subcontinent in the 1860s, our people coming as they did from a land of high culture and religious observance and imbued with a desire to satisfy their spiritual yearning made from great effort to establish places of worship and to follow the practices and usages that were carried in their motherland. Evidence of this was seen through the province of Natal in particular wherever Indians were employed and resided. While these places of worship may have been of simple crude construction, the devotional aspects were admirable indeed. They believed in the theory of living influenced by spiritual ideologies. Most of these original Indians were from the madras presidency and the central provinces, hence they belonged to the Hindu Community and followed the traditions of the Hindus. The origin and development of places of worship in this area was almost the development of Indian culture in this land.

Isipingo Goshala & Mandir Temple. Mandir in Hindi means temple and Goshala in Hindi means a cow protection facility. It’s part of Hindu culture to protect the cow as it is regarded as a mother, therefore most Hindus do not eat beef as it is forbidden in Vedic culture. A baby grows up on the milk that the mother feeds the new born child.

Isipingo Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple founded by late Mr. KN. Govender in 1950 At present the Temple accommodates 300 devotees. The hall seats 500 cinema style and 300 table seating – mainly for weddings, functions, ceremonies etc

The Shri Sivan Soobramoniar Alayam has been established around the year 1975 by a handful of dedicated devotees and residents of Merebank, the Alayam was established in an impoverished Sub-Economic Community. Due to this, various fund raising efforts were done to establish a permanent infrastructure to cater for the cultural and religious appetite of the Merebank Community. It took years before the infrastructure could be built.


New South Durban route offers it all

header-2There is a new route Durban travellers can look forward to visiting.

Sodurba, consisting of three different routes in areas like the Bluff, Yellowwood Park, Clairwood and Wilson Wharf areas, showcases the south of Durban perfectly.

The first route explores the KZN Whale Coast. The route starts at The Whale History Museum at the Maritime Museum. Visitors can take a scroll through the museum to explore the boats and the history of the whales. That is followed by a boat cruise at Wilson’s Wharf, to WESSA Treasure Beach  and Brighton Beach. The next one is the Conservation Legacy Route that also goes to Wessa Treasure Beach, Bluff Nature Reserve, Bluff Eco Park, Wilderness Leadership School  and Stainbank Nature Reserve Castle and Art Gallery. The last route is Multicultural. It explores the different cultural institutions in these areas, including Clairwood Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple, Isipingo Gowshala and Mandir Temple, Isipingo Shree Siva Soobramoniar Temple and the Shri Sivan Soobramoniar Alayam.

Sodurba is a refreshing new tourist route away from the usual tourist spots in Durban like Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Durban beachfront.

The educational element is also important. Tourists are educated on numerous aspects of Durban life, it’s people and their culture.

We got treated to a mix of the activities on the route.

There are plans to launch more activities and routes as time progresses. Chairman of South Durban Tourism, Helga Du Preez, said additional tourist routes is perfect to boost tourism, create jobs and in turn have a positive economic growth in our city. During the tour, environmental educator Andre Steenkamp boasted about the accessible accommodation offered in the Durban South area. This was especially so for Marine Drive on the Bluff that is home to many b&bs and guest houses.

For further information, contact Sodurba Tourism on 031 467 0404.

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Welcoming of the Whales to the Bluff

Durban has it’s very own annual whale festival aptly named ‘Welcoming of the Whales Festival’. Held in conjunction with the World Whale Conference hosted in Durban this year (2017), the Welcoming of the Whales festival was part of the tourism drive of the South Durban community tourism organisation, Sodurba.

Sodurba is marketing the South Durban Basin as the Whale Coast with an emphasis on education, history and entertainment to entice tourists to visit the area.

This video showcases the Bluff, Durban, as an ideal spot for whale watching on the eastern coast of South Africa. The event is held annually at Anstey’s Beach where people are treated to an array of stalls and information on marine life. Produced by MARZAC Productions Sponsored by Sodurba Special Thanks to JP Prinsloo

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the 2017 event. Please follow this link to view our Facebook page with all the event pictures here!


The BESETdurban Whaling Station Tour

whaling-station-tour-5-medium-520x400A tour of Durban’s dark whaling past

Words by Elana Geist

Dressed in sneakers and armed with Instagram, 120 curious Durbanites met on the steps of the Durban City Hall on Saturday, ready to get into the bus and trek to the restricted military area on the south side of the Bluff to visit the city’s former whaling station.

With the aim to explore Durban’s hidden treasures and share the stories that make up the city’s history, BESETdurban creates exclusive tours around the city to forgotten places and in this case, forbidden areas.

To get notified about the next BESETdurban tour, sign up here and wait for that magic mail.



The BESETdurban whaling station tour took 120 people to the restricted military area in the Bluff next to the harbour entrance.



Durban is a natural paradise known for its gorgeous coastline of sun-kissed beaches and subtropical climate, situated on the eastern seaboard of Africa. The City is built around one of the busiest ports in Africa and our people are our pride. The city focuses on providing visitors with a unique set of experiences that go beyond the beach and into the realm of Durban’s diverse culture, urban lifestyle and scenic diversity. The City of Durban is an elegant, mature and ambitious city. It is a trendsetter in offering great lifestyle, speckled with adventure activities, blessed with natural beauty and is an astonishingly liveable city. Whether you here as a business delegate or a leisure traveler there is a warm African flavor that will capture your heart forever.


The Bluff Athletic Club, situated in Smith Drive, Ocean View has served the community over the past 52 years. Being a non-profit organization its core aim is to provide the entire community with the facility and opportunity to participate in much needed and important physical activity, in this case road running.

Our club has the esteemed privilege of hosting a race which attracts athletes from all parts of the country to our beautiful suburb, and as such, we need to host an extraordinary event. Due to the success of last year, this year we again have taken on the responsibility of hosting a 42.2Km Marathon (comrades qualifier) as well as the half marathon (21.1km) & 15Km walk.

The race takes place on Sunday 12th November 2017. The anticipated entries would be in the region of 700-800 athletes, possibly more.

Since you have been open to supporting us, and are an integral part of our community, our request is for your organisation to become a part of this unique event by being a sponsor. Without sponsorship, we cannot provide the much anticipated shirts and medals, nor offer competitive cash prizes for our category winners.

Sponsorship options are as follows:

  • Main sponsors will be requested to give a donation of R10 000
  • Secondary sponsors will be requested to give a donation of R5 000
  • Water table sponsors will be asked to donate R500 & man a water table for the duration of the race
  • Alternatively, you may donate anything we can use towards our prize giving on the day

Main sponsors will have first choice on advertising sites on the field & have their logo printed on the race attire handed to athletes who have completed this tough race. This will ensure that your institution is well advertised at this event (as well other events to follow since our shirts are sought after and often wore in various events that follow). All sponsors will have their logo printed on the event flyer which will be handed out at several events prior to the race & may advertise on the day on the field. We kindly request that you consider coming on board with us and the Bluff community to ensure the success of this exciting event.

Should you wish to discuss the matter further please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Dennis (Chairman) or Shanna Lake.

PLEASE share if anyone can assist! Let’s make 2017 a huge success for all!

CHAIRMAN – Dennis Houston-Mcmillan
SECRETARY: Shanna Lake
076 186 3920 or 076 151 1175
Email : or