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Welcoming of the Whales Festival 2021


62 St Geran Grove, Treasure Beach, Bluff
Beach Clean-up & Rocky Shore to take place at Treasure Beach, starting at beach parking lot – Comfortable clothes and shoes, sun screen, hat and water. Gloves and rubbish bag will be provided.
Only Pre – booked tickets will be accepted.
No ticket sales on the day!
!!!No Mask, No entry!!!

On arrival make sure to sign the register, get sanitized and receive your arm band. Parents contact number to be placed on all childrens’ arm bands
Time Slots:
Beach Clean-up at Treasure Beach – 8h00
(50 people only)
Rocky Shore at Treasure Beach – 10h30
(50 people only)

835 Marine Drive, Bluff
This is where Marine educational interactions and activities will take place
Coffee and food Stall
“Our Ocean “ Documentary to be screen every 2 hours – Not to be missed!

Only Pre – booked tickets will be accepted. No ticket sales on the day!
Please indicate if you are interested in joining both venues.
!!!No Mask, No entry!!!!

On arrival make sure to sign the register, get sanitized and receive your arm band. Parents contact number to be placed on all childrens’ arm bands. If you already have an armband, you can enter after registration and sanitising.
Time Slots:
8h00 – 10h00
10h00 – 12h00
12h00 – 14h00
14h00 – 16h00


The Southern African Humpback Migration Route.

Our 1st Welcoming of the Whales festival in 2017 inspired the beginning of The Southern African Humpback Whale Migration Route and festivals see below.

The route is under the auspices of the World Cetacean Alliance

They are the largest organisation in the world who look after the welfare of whales and dolphins. The organisers are busy linking it to the WCA Whale Heritage Sites Project and urge larger organisations to join. Last year was supposed to be the launch of the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Route but were thwarted by COVID-19. With Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Brazil, Argentina and Chile on the cards. See the logo – the idea being to link up the whole Southern Hemisphere and stand together on any threats facing cetaceans (like the resumption of whaling, ship strikes or marine plastic pollution).

Elephant Seal found by locals on KZN Whale Coast – Garvies Beach, Bluff

Post as per Saambr Organisation

“And then there were two!

On Friday morning (12th February) we awoke to messages informing us of a beached elephant seal on Garvies Beach which is on the Bluff in Durban. Our first thoughts were bewilderment at the arrival of yet another Antarctic seal visitor so close to Ragnar’s arrival.

Then to more practical thoughts as to how to relocate a 130 kilogram seal from Garvies Beach to uShaka Sea World. Members of the Metro Search & Rescue, SAPS Search and Rescue, NSRI and Ethekwini lifeguards once again came to the rescue and transported the seal to us.

His arrival caused quite a dilemma as all the available rehabilitation pools were already occupied and we were uncertain whether he would be able to peacefully share Ragnar’s enclosure. He was visually examined in his transport crate and then left to rest and recover whilst the seal and animal health teams set about researching Antarctic seal behaviour. It was clearly evident that he had sustained an injury to the lower jaw which we hoped was merely a superficial laceration.

When he looked at the team with his big dark pleading eyes, it seemed appropriate to call him Dobby after the house elf in Harry Potter.

Over the weekend, upon learning from seal expert, Dr Greg Hofmeyer that it would be in order to place the two Antarctic seals together, we introduced Dobby to Ragnar. It was Ragnar who seemed genuinely pleased at the arrival of a companion. Dobby merely rested on the side of the pool, opened and closed his big eyes and seemed oblivious to Ragnar’s numerous snuggling attempts.

They were later seen swimming in the pool together and we knew that all would be well.

Dobby will have to remain in our care until he has completed his moult (which can last up to four weeks). Elephant seals don’t usually feed or swim whilst they are moulting and spend the month lying around on the islands sleeping. Dobby spends his days doing just that, sleeping.

Being true seals both Dobby and Ragnar have signature big dark eyes and snotty noses and it’s easy to understand how easily they have crept into the hearts of everyone who played, or is currently playing, a role their rescue and rehabilitation.
We will keep you updated on their progress.”

Please follow Saambr social media pages for all the updates on Dobby.

Whale Heritage Site Tour 13th December 2020

Thank you Alison from Durban Walking Tours for the feedback and photos.

Today a group of us joined the Sodurba CTO on a very extensive talk and tour led by David Asgeir-Nielsen from Sodurba.

Started in 1907 by the Norwegians. The Bluff whale station was the biggest land based factory in the world. Whaling came to an end in Durban in 1975.

I was interested to hear today that in 1949 Abraham Larsen was the third richest man in South Africa at that time – indicating what a lucrative business whaling was. The Union Whaling Company was formed in 1920 by Jacob Egeland and Abraham Larsen. This company lasted until the end of the era. Premier Whaling Company was the other whaling company in the port at that time.

Harlequins Rugby Team Golf Fundraiser

Sponsor a hole & promote your company. All funds go to the running of the rugby team in the 2021 season.

Date: Friday 6th November 2020. Venue: Bluff National Park. Cost: R500 per hole (18th hole R1000) Contact to book or enquiry: Wesley Slabbert Tel: 083 648 7043 Email: or Pierre Smuts: Tel: 076 154 2473 Email:

Heritage Day 2020 with Sodurba and Durban Tourism

Sodurba, with our partners Durban Tourism celebrated Heritage Day this year with a guided tour with Andre the Nature Guide through Kenneth Stainbank in Yellowwood Park.

Our guests were transported by Khubs Tours on a scenic and informative tour past the Cooper Lighthouse situated on Marine Drive. The Cooper Lighthouse was the first lighthouse that came into operation in 1867, at the time it was the only lighthouse on the east coast of Africa. In 1932 power was brought to the Bluff and the beam was increased from 150,000 to 3,000,000 candle power. Later in the 1930’s the badly corroded tower was reinforced by concrete casing and an observation gallery added. Then came WW2 and the lighthouse was demolished in 1941. In 1953 Cooper Lighthouse was built on the Bluff (named after H.C Cooper the lighthouse engineer) and in 1954 the lighthouse in Umhlanga was built.

On route we admired another Heritage Site the Nelson Mandela Stone in Wentworth in commemoration of former president Nelson Mandela’s willingness to engage with the Wentworth community in 1995, a garden representing Mandela’s compassion was established in Quality street, Wentworth. A stone symbolizing community strength was erected by SDCEA in this garden. Mandela’s humility inspired our South Durban community to continue the struggle against polluters and all forms of injustice, be it from government or local business.

This scenic but informative tour ended at Kenneth Stainbank where André Steenkamp did a short 1 hour walk through this hidden gem. Our guests ended with a lovely picnic parcel and fresh brewed coffee from Zebru Coffee Company, we all even attempted the Jeruselma Challenge!

Thank you to everyone that made this iconic day such a huge success!

Sodurba CTO Jeruselma Challenge #jersulemachallenge

Durban Walking Tours

Owner Alison Chadwick and qualified Tour Guide

At the age of 58 I have taken the leap and followed my heart and passion; from 1 April 2020 I will be a full-time tour guide – available 7 days a week to take you exploring in Durban!  After 10 years of working in the tax department of Moore Durban, this is a BIG change that I am so excited about!

The decision came from all the enquiries and bookings I have received for walking tours from Corporates, schools, teachers, photo clubs, friends, family and networking.  Long may this passion of mine continue and I thank you all for being part of this journey!

Walking Tours covering history, new developments, fauna and flora, art, architecture, conservation and protecting the environment. Contact me directly for any further enquiries or bookings.