The Southern African Humpback Migration Route.

Our 1st Welcoming of the Whales festival in 2017 inspired the beginning of The Southern African Humpback Whale Migration Route and festivals see below.

The route is under the auspices of the World Cetacean Alliance

They are the largest organisation in the world who look after the welfare of whales and dolphins. The organisers are busy linking it to the WCA Whale Heritage Sites Project and urge larger organisations to join. Last year was supposed to be the launch of the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Route but were thwarted by COVID-19. With Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Brazil, Argentina and Chile on the cards. See the logo – the idea being to link up the whole Southern Hemisphere and stand together on any threats facing cetaceans (like the resumption of whaling, ship strikes or marine plastic pollution).

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