Whale Heritage Site Tour 13th December 2020

Thank you Alison from Durban Walking Tours for the feedback and photos.

Today a group of us joined the Sodurba CTO on a very extensive talk and tour led by David Asgeir-Nielsen from Sodurba.

Started in 1907 by the Norwegians. The Bluff whale station was the biggest land based factory in the world. Whaling came to an end in Durban in 1975.

I was interested to hear today that in 1949 Abraham Larsen was the third richest man in South Africa at that time – indicating what a lucrative business whaling was. The Union Whaling Company was formed in 1920 by Jacob Egeland and Abraham Larsen. This company lasted until the end of the era. Premier Whaling Company was the other whaling company in the port at that time.

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