Durban Walking Tours

Owner Alison Chadwick and qualified Tour Guide

At the age of 58 I have taken the leap and followed my heart and passion; from 1 April 2020 I will be a full-time tour guide – available 7 days a week to take you exploring in Durban!  After 10 years of working in the tax department of Moore Durban, this is a BIG change that I am so excited about!

The decision came from all the enquiries and bookings I have received for walking tours from Corporates, schools, teachers, photo clubs, friends, family and networking.  Long may this passion of mine continue and I thank you all for being part of this journey!

Walking Tours covering history, new developments, fauna and flora, art, architecture, conservation and protecting the environment. Contact me directly for any further enquiries or bookings.

One thought on “Durban Walking Tours”

  1. Iplease advise on your next weekend tour of the whaling station

    I’m also interested in going to the Victoria Street market

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