KZN Whale Coast Maritime Heritage Route

Urban Route: KZN Whale Coast
Experience the South side of Durban- KZN Whale Coast

Whale Route:
The Route starts at The Whale History Museum, situated at The Maritime Museum. Visitors can stroll through the Maritime Museum exploring the boats as well as experience the Whaling History Exhibition. Giving insight on where our Whale Story started to where we have now come to a Conservation Era where all whales, dolphins and sea life are protected and admired. Opportunity is given to local communities to involve themselves in Whale Eco Tourism.

There are already initiatives in place through the Whale Time project to put the KZN Whale Coast Whale Migration on the local and international map as an amazing conservation and tourism phenomenon.

We have numerous establishments with land based whale viewing opportunities.

Next stop is Wilson’s Wharf where you can enjoy a cruise through the harbour, go whale watching or enjoy a relaxing beverage or meal at one of the vibrant restaurants. Or do some browsing/shopping at the many curio shops. Then follow the M4 South to the Bluff, KZN’s Whale Coast.

Take a drive to the Bluff Beaches – our PROPOSED BLUE FLAG BEACH. Plans are in place to develop this point and add a variety of water and beach activities and offer exciting and adventure activities a place where people can hire equipment for the day: Scuba diving, Paragliding,Canoe, Paddling, Snorkeling, Surfing, Extreme Body boarding, Fishing, etc.

logo20-20clown20v520copy_f8e64cf12dbaed90354083c98cab5aaaWESSA Treasure Beach

The Treasure Beach Environmental Education Centre on Durban’s Bluff is rich in history and ecological importance. It is also the site of the original radar tracking station for coastal defense during World War 2 and has one of the last remaining patches of coastal grassland. The Centre has been operational since 1985 and Offers a wide diversity of educational experiences to all ages. The roof of the building can be used by our guests as a viewpoint to watch whales and dolphins moving up and down our coast, while enjoying tea & scones. This can be combined with an interpretive stroll in their patch of unique Coastal Grassland (led by a guide). Good Birds, Insect life, photographic opportunities.