Building a whale from ocean waste is truly inspirational!

Recently Umcebo Design shared Durban school children’s unique reflections on their
Creations for Cetaceans project: building whales to go on display during the WCA’s
upcoming World Whale Conference.

C4CHumpback1“We decorated a beautiful wire whale with bottle tops to hang up at the Conference. This will hopefully change stubborn minds about throwing bottle caps away into the deep blue sea”. This inspirational quote from primary school student, Sam Walker shows his enthusiasm for the unique community project about whales in Durban. With the other pupils of Manor Gardens Primary School, Sam is building a whale from waste materials like those polluting the ocean.

“Me and my class were lucky to be a part of two wonderful projects. There was a whale covered in mesh and we had to cable tie blue, black and white plastic bottle tops on it. This represented all the whales that have been killed from plastic bottle tops. Umcebo made the thing that had been killing the whales into something beautiful”. Mia Chappe
Creations for Cetacean.


Robin Opperman from Umcebo Design has been commissioned by the WCA to undertake
this whale project for the upcoming World Whale Conference. It did not take Robin much
to convince WCA about the huge potential to involve both the local community, the
participants of the World Whale Conference and, hopefully, a huge audience around the
world. The project forms a part of “Creations for Cetaceans” and is the WCA’s latest
initiative in celebrating cetaceans through art. School children build whales from recycled (waste) materials like the plastics and wire netting that end up killing marine life in our oceans. Whilst participating, they learn more about the impact we have on our oceans and what they can do to recycle more. The finished whales will be exhibited at both the Welcoming of the Whales festival, co-hosted by Sodurba, and the World Whale
Conference from the 24th of June.

More sponsors wanted!

Woolworths – Have sponsored one of the whale sculptures Building these whales is all about helping education and creating more awareness of the need to protect whales. Not only that, is a fun activity to do!

Robin says: “The teachers and I see a tremendous dedication of the school kids in
creating something unique while raising awareness among adults, hopefully also outside
of South Africa. You could say that here in Durban the young are educating the old”.
Woolworths has already sponsored one whale, could you do the same?

This Creations for Cetaceans project can be really successful if the WCA and Umcebo
Design find more generous sponsors who each would adopt one of the five whales. If you
are interested in helping this incredible project by sponsoring a whale, please contact
WCA at