Merebank Parasakthie Alayam

In 1949 during the riots many lives and belongings were lost and homes were plundered. Arising out of this disaster and destructions were three mothers who possessed bravery , knowledge and skill decided to pay homage and thanks to the Mother Almighty despite their losses . They were the late Mrs Nadasen Odayar (senior), the Late Mrs Lallo and the late Mrs Chetty. These mothers lit the first camphor for the divine Mother on the banks of the Umlaas river. This practice continued until the year 1951 when a few males joined in this prayer with the belief that “Kovil illa wooril irukka vendom” (don’t live in an area where there is no temple). There was always a thought in the minds of the people of Merebank that a temple in the district was essential, necessary and important.

Under the leadership of the Late Mr MN Thatu Pillai and Mr Sam Naidoo ,played the Udukai and Chilembu over the weekends collecting funds to build a temple. The Late Madurai Nadasen Pillay and his team went out visiting homes and families in all parts of the area with the Udukai, Chilembu and Pambai (ancient traditional music instruments), singing sacred songs and solicting donations for religious worship and establishment of the temple. People responded happily.

The band of people who built the temple out of reeds in Morris Road, thereafter built the temple in wood and iron in Lake Road. During 1960’s the Group Area Acts dealt a severe hand together with the building of the Southern Freeway and the Alayam was forced to move to the present site. Here a larger wood and iron structure was constructed. As the congregation grew the need for a bigger and better temple was necessary.

Thus it became possible in 1972 to start a new permanent temple. Mr MR Moodley secure in India all the Murthis and symbols required. A prominent role of assistance and support came from the Odayar family. Many well known families and personalities extended help and got involved. The new temple was opened in 1977 by Mr TSP Chetty who helped build the temple without any charges. An assembly hall was completed in 1980.

The Shree Parasakthie Alayam has become the centre of cultural and religious life in the Merebank community, and people from all surrounding areas, attend the many prayer and festivals that are conducted throughout the year.

The main Deities are , Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva , Lord Murgha and his two Consorts. These are in the main Temple.  Marieamman, Lord Vishnu and Hanuman in the Mothers temple, and also Mother Dhurgha, Dhakshinamoorthy. All prayer in the Hindu calendar are observed at the Temple.

Our resident priest is Guru Sankaran who hails from Karur in India and has been with us for 22 Years.